• About the Capacity Development Initiative

    The Capacity Development Initiative (CDI) of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO) is a multidisciplinary, free of charge training programme based on modern, innovative and cost-effective methods. By expanding the pool of experts on the political, legal and technical aspects of the CTBT, CDI increases awareness and stimulates understanding of the Treaty with a view toward its entry into force and universalization. This initiative comprises a series of courses ranging from introductory levels to more advanced levels, which are offered in Vienna and are available online in real time via the e-Learning platform.

    The CTBTO is developing partnerships with institutions worldwide, including academic and research institutions, international organisations, and other stakeholders invested in education and training. With an expanded network of partnering institutions, the CDI approach truly represents mass educational collaboration.

    The CTBTO would like to highlight the generous contributions provided by Austria, Norway and the EU toward the CDI. Without such substantial contributions, these initiatives would not be possible. Through their generous contributions, Austria, Norway and the EU demonstrate a shared vision with the CTBTO to train and educate the next generation of experts on the CTBT.

  • CTBT Tutorial

    About the Tutorial

    The CTBT Tutorial is an introductory resource on the basics of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty. The tutorial consists of modules on the following topics: Introduction to the Treaty; Entry-Into-Force and Universalization; International Monitoring System (IMS); International Data Centre (IDC); and On-Site Inspections (OSI).

    No registration required.

    Access the tutorial in the following languages:
  • CDI E-Learning Platform Resources

  • Technical Support

    If you encounter any problems using the e-learning platform, please contact the CDI team: cdi@ctbto.org

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